Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cars, submarines, Los Alamitos, Nixon, etc.

Today's photo of is from the old Santa Ana Drag Strip at the Orange County Airport in either 1953 or 1955. (Photo courtesy First American Corp.)

A bunch of Juanita Lovret's articles about Tustin history are now available on the Tustin Area Historical Society's website. They originally appeared in the Tustin News.

With the revamped submarines opening at Disneyland, Werner Weiss has taken the opportunity to post some construction photos of the original attraction, which opened in 1959.

The Dana Point Historical Society has a new page about Doris Walker, including a few selections from some of her books.

Bruce Herschensohn's latest missive on the Nixon Library's website recalls advice Nixon gave him during a discussion in San Clemente. It's good advice for historians too, and worth excerpting here:
"When you’re handed research, you might remember what you read for a short while, but not for long. Don’t get the information too easy. If you go through the trouble of doing your own research, you’ll remember it – not just for a short while. You might even remember it throughout the rest of your life. The more difficult and time-consuming it is to find out information, the more solid it will become in your mind. Don’t accept a researcher. Go to the library. Look it all up."
The recently re-launched Knott's Berry Farm fan site,, just posted a photo essay on the old Haunted Shack. They also posted a short audio clip from the long-defunct Bear-y Tales dark ride.

Speaking of Knott's, Kim Riddlebarger left an interesting post at OCThen about her family's former business at the Farm. You may remember the religious gift shop near the Little Chapel By The Lake. Kim writes:
"The name of the exhibit was Art-Glow Studio. It was originally opened by my aunt, Lou Morris, and then taken over by the Olson family about 1952. My family (the Riddlebargers) opened the Inspiration House next door in 1955.
"My family closed the Inspiration House in January of 1994. My dad died in 1969 and my mom in 1992, and I had been running the store, but entered a new career.
"The Inspiration House was relocated to Grand Ave in 1984."

Fountain Valley is (even as we speak) celebrating their 50th Anniversary. Ongoing coverage continues on the Register's website.

The Garden Grove's Chamber of Commerce is celebrating their centennial.

The Los Alamitos Museum recently honored the staff of the City's Public Works Dept for their volunteer efforts. The museum depicts the history of the Los Alamitos area. It is located at 11062 Los Alamitos Blvd and is open 2-4pm, Tues and Sun.

The Fox Fullerton Theatre will hold a "work party" on June 16 (and also July 21, Aug 18, Sept 15, Oct 20) to help prepare the historic theatre for reconstruction.

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