Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Knott's, the Yorbas, Orange, Alfred Aguirre, etc.

Today's "before & after" photos show Main St. in Ghost Town at Knott's Berry Farm in 1941 and 2007. In the 1941 photo, notice that Goldie's Place (far right), and the Print Shop (behind the mule) are still under construction. Also note the dirt streets and the lack of trees. In the 2007 photo, notice that the Silver Dollar Saloon (which pre-dated the Calico Saloon by a decade) has been turned into a shooting gallery. If you visit Knott's, look inside the shooting gallery and you'll see many reminders of its earlier incarnation, including a sign that reads, "All Nations Welcome, Except Carrie."
The pioneer Yorba family was inducted into the Anaheim/O.C. Walk of Stars, located next to Disneyland. That certainly seems appropriate. The Walk of Stars has also been attracting some attention lately for the flowers and other items left on Carl Karcher's star.
It looks like Phil Brigandi's upcoming talk in Orange on the 24th is getting some press.
There's also been a lot of coverage of the death of Alfred Aguirre of Placentia, who fought for desegregation, served in WWII, and was a city councilmember.
The Nixon Library is looking for volunteer docents to greet guests, conduct tours, escort VIPs and more. For more information call (714) 364-1168 or email
Andrea McCullough -- who does major background research for Orange's historical home tours -- appeared in yesterday's Register. It turns out she also volunteers to help maintain Hart Park's 69-year-old rose garden.


walterworld said...

Thanks for the then-and-now Chris!

Enjoying your daily posts...still not finished with the archives...

Colony Rabble said...

So that WAS the same Andrea. Since I have never met her face to face I was not sure. Andrea is a ROCK STAR for the info she is able to find during those home tours. RW and I stopped at Hart park for a picnic Friday while we were playing hooky, we had never been there before (I live a sheltered life apparently, lots of never befores) and we wondered about the park, age, history, etc. Chris, can you do something on Hart Park?

Chris Jepsen said...

I'll see what I can do about Hart Park. I'm sure I'll be cribbing heavily from Phil's big "toe-buster" book on Orange.

Gustavo Arellano said...

I posted on both the Yorbas and Aguirre here:

And I blog about OC history about once a week here:

Chris Jepsen said...

walterworld: You're the second person (recently) to tell me that you're going back and reading through my archives. I'm amazed and flattered.

Gustavo: Glad to have you aboard. Welcome!