Saturday, January 31, 2009

Anaheim, Newport Beach, UCI, and monkeys

Today's photos show DeGroff's Delicatessen and market in Anaheim in 1949. Maybe some of you will have a memory or two of this place?
There's been another step in the right direction for the endangered Mariner's Medical Arts complex. Jaime Murillo, Associate Planner for the City of Newport Beach writes, "...The final draft of the assessment, prepared by Chattel Architecture, is now online... After discussing the findings of the report and the historical significance of the building with staff, the property owner (Westcliff Investors, John Bral, managing partner) is cooperating fully with the City to preserve the original building, including an extensive redesign of the proposed project to do everything possible to preserve and protect this important structure. Staff will continue to work with the property owner to assist in developing an alternative plan that would allow a minor addition to the original building, designed in accordance with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, while preserving and rehabilitating the original structure."
The lobby of UCI's Langson Library currently features an exhibit entitled "Immigrant Lives in the OC and Beyond." It features a number of books, documents and other items from the Library's collection that deal with immigrant populations throughout the history of Orange County. The exhibit will be up through late April.
In case you missed it, the Register recently featured an article about the Santa Ana Zoo's monkeys. Why is this mentioned on a blog about local history? Because the cantankerous Judge Prentice originally donated the land to the city with the stipulation that the zoo always house at least 50 monkeys. Almost 60 years later, Prentice's decendants have found the zoo to be two monkeys short and are suing. Sheesh!

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Anonymous said...

Degroff market photo, is that the local market that in business today on Citron & Santa Ana Blvd, block west of the Anaheim police station? If thats the right building, it was also used my the musical group No Doubt in one of there videos