Wednesday, April 15, 2009

El Toro, CSUF, TRW test site, Capistrano, etc.

This 1915 promotional brochure for Orange County seemed like a good pick for my first post-Easter post.
The kick-off for the new "Farmers to Flyers" exhibit at the O.C. Agricultural & Nikkei Heritage Museum (at CSUF) will open Saturday. This display will interpret the impact of the El Toro Marine Air Station on the development of Orange County and covers the time period 1930-1955. Admission is free and visiting hours are Saturdays and Sundays, 11am to 3pm.
Northrop Grumman announced that it will close the Capistrano Test Site that gave us Apollo lunar landing rockets, laser weapons, satellite communications equipment, and other space age technology. The facility was opened by TRW in 1963 and has been dealing with secret technology ever since. (The road adjacent to the facility offers the best photographic vantage point of historic Christianitos Canyon, but I know better than to bring a camera out there.)
Richard O'Neill's funeral at the Basilica at Mission San Juan Capistrano was already historically noteworthy. But having two former governors as pall-bearers (and Nancy Pelosi as a guest) underlined how politically significant O'Neill was. The Register gave it front page coverage.
Speaking of Capistrano, t-shirts with postcard images of San Juan Capistrano are now being sold to raise funds for various activities during Historic Preservation Week (May 10-16). The shirts are now available for $10 at SJC City Hall and at the O'Neill Museum.

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Susan Kitchens said...

Good, glad you know about F2F. Was at the reception last night. Very good. Will blog it later.