Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Crash in Talbert, COPH, and the Hansen Lecture

Bad things happen when airplanes run into utility poles. This photo was taken in Talbert (Fountain Valley) in the 1950s. This view is from Warner Ave. looking north. It came from the collection of Doug McIntosh. I believe there are also photos of this crash in the Bob Geivet Collection at the Old Courthouse Museum, but I don't think I scanned them when I had the chance.
The Center for Oral and Public History (COPH) at Cal State Fullerton will hold the Second Annual Hansen Lecture on March 22, 6pm, in the Recital Hall (PA-11), at CSUF's Joseph Clayes III Performing Arts Center. Robert K. Sutton, Ph.D. , the chief historian at the National Park Service will present "Civil War to Civil Rights: The Sesquicentennial in the National Park Service." He will describe "the challenges public historians face in telling the story of a war that in some ways has not yet ended." Click here for a PDF flyer with more information.
No, the lecture isn't directly related to O.C. history, but the person who asked me to post it definitely is. And the lecture is named for Dr. Art Hansen, emeritus professor of history and former director of COPH, who has contributed so much to the preservation and understanding of Orange County history.

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