Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Irvine Ranch and Laguna Beach, 1962

Today I'm sharing some beautiful photos sent in by another friend, Ken Stack. The images immediately above and below are from the Irvine Ranch in 1962.
Note the snow on Old Saddleback in the photo below. Orange County got some surprisingly cold storms that Spring. After a year of near record low rainfall, this was a godsend for the cattle ranches of South Orange County. Disappearing pasture nearly forced them to sell their herds early.
In an L.A. Times interview, Charles Weaver, head of the Irvine's cattle operations, quoted James Irvine : "When asked if he thought it was going to rain, Mr. Irvine replied: 'It always has.' In short, if you're a pessimist you shouldn't be in farming. ...We're particularly thankful for the last rain in that it allowed us to keep our breeding herd intact."
The final photo here shows the Pottery Shack in Laguna Beach -- also in 1962. It's a little grainy and fuzzy, but it's rare to see night photos of the sign like this.
A print ad for the Pottery Shack in Spring 1962 read, "LADIES LEAVE YOUR HUSBANDS! for a day and bring four girl friends to THE POTTERY SHACK. Roy, George, Don, Jim and Eric will arrange and adventure for you. Have a most exciting day browsing through the most unique and largest displays of dinnerware and gifts in California. See free demonstrations of pottery making. Your fabulous savings at THE POTTERY SHACK will pay for lunch at one of Laguna's supurb restaurants and lods of mad money left over. You will be overwhelmed with the myriads of rooms full of gorgeous china, pottery, glass, candles, baskets and flowers. A free gift to each 'husband leaver' with this ad..."
That seems like a lot more hoopla than pottery should inspire.


Stace said...

Those pictures of Irvine Ranch are gorgeous! Wish I could find some vistas like that to photograph around here these days. Wildflowers would be much prettier than minimalls and corporate parks.

walterworld said...

A night shot of the Pottery Shack with the Greeter? How cool!

I only know of this place through postcards, but it must have been quite an area-attraction back then.

Anonymous said...

The Pottery Shack is truly missed. It was a one of a kind place...a real throwback to the golden days of driving thru Laguna on PCH. Seemed like it was always busy too. Once gone...can't be duplicated. Today's building code wouldn't allow it.

Anonymous said...

And Orange County was a pretty place in the 60s. When the I-405 first opened beyond Harbor Blvd toward I-5, the hills could be filled with flowers in the spring. Just wide open spaces once past the airport.

Tris Mast said...

If ever pottery should inspire hoopla, it would be at the Pottery Shack. The interior of the place was like no other I've ever seen. There was so much stuff and the building was so rustic, that sometimes you weren't sure if you were inside or outside. Great night photo!