Saturday, July 28, 2012

Old O.C. images from Douglas McIntosh

Our friend, Doug McIntosh, is from an old Orange County family, and is always sharing interesting things out of his files. I'm re-posting a few of them here because they're too interesting not to share.

The image above, Doug writes, is a "circa1930s photo of Mr. Mendoza. He was brought to Mission San Juan Capistrano from Jalisco, Mexico by Father Hutchinson to produce souvenir ceramics at the mission. In 1979 archaeologists excavated one of Mr. Mendoza's kilns at the mission. The pottery sherds that were recovered were classified as 'Medoza Ware.' One of his kilns still remains undisturbed at the mission. (Ref: Magalousis & Schiffert 1988:123-132.)"
The pencil drawing above was done by William C. Ulrich in 1930, and depicts the long-since-vanished Laguna Beach Pier. Th undated photo below is marked "Laguna Canyon Big Bend," and comes, Doug says, "from the collection of my great-uncle Herb Straw."
The photo below, also from the Straw family collection, is from about 1899 and shows the grave site of Philander William Straw in Live Oak Canyon. "Next to the grave," Doug writes, "is Herbert Desmond Straw. P.W. Straw was a Civil War veteran who homesteaded land in Live Oak Canyon. A portion of the property he homesteaded is now part of O'Neill Park. His body was later moved to Fairhaven Cemetery in Santa Ana."
Thanks, Doug! You once said I could re-post the photos you share, so I hope you don't mind. These are great images.

My thanks also to the Santa Ana Historical Preservation Society for inviting me to speak at their annual shin-dig this afternoon. It was great to see so many old friends and make a few new ones! The group has lots more upcoming events, so check out their website for details.


Doug said...

Thanks for posting these items Chris.

Connie Moreno said...

WOW! So interesting!!

Bonnie Boone said...

Love these old photos and descriptions. Thanks for sharing!