Thursday, November 16, 2006

Southeast Huntington Beach history

Some months ago, I threw together a small website about the history of Southeastern Huntington Beach. This area was once known as the Santa Ana Gap or Talbert Gap (among other things). This river delta between the H.B. mesa and the Costa Mesa bluffs wasn't incorporated as part of the City until the 1950s.

The photo above is from February 1960. The camera is pointed West along Atlanta Ave, with the photographer standing in front of the current post office near Magnolia. Today, you'd see the Albertson's and Vons' parking lots on the right, and miles of housing tracts on the left.

Link: Talbert Gap


Kate said...

Great Post Chris! The pic is very cool. I live right near where it was taken.

Todd Pelkey said...

The link to Talbert Gap has some cool pictures. As an East Coast transplant, I'm always fascinated by pictures of old HB, especially the vast expanse of open land. Look at my NJ town from 100 years back, and you'd recognize almost everything. But here it's often a different story. I especially like the picture of Southland snow! Maybe I'll get to see it myself in person one day.