Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Disneyland Hotel: The Early Years, 1954-1988

Don Ballard has written a history of the Disneyland Hotel that provides both interesting reading and abundant eye-candy. Anyone with an interest in the history of Disneyland, O.C. tourism, or the hospitality industry should take a look. Check out Don's website for a sample of what you can expect, as well as some additional images he couldn't find space for in the book.

Link: Magical Hotel (Don Ballard)


Don Ballard said...

I am also coming out with a second book on the Disneyland Hotel which will be mostly pictures with little text. It will cover the Disneyland Hotel in the 1950's.....its architecture, its brochures, its layout, its amenities and various other aspects that made it the World's Most Exciting Hotel.

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