Thursday, December 07, 2006

A New Blog: O.C. History Roundup

This blog is intended to serve local historians and those who are just generally interested in the history of Orange County, California. Everyone is welcome to participate, comment, or send me relevant event notices.

For the record, anything I write for this blog is based in my own views and is unrelated to the views of any groups I belong to or employers I work for. I'll be working on this blog from home in whatever spare time I may have.

You might well ask: If this is a new blog, where did the earlier entries about Huntington Beach come from?

I started out writing a very different blog, H.B. Outlook, which was usually about current events in Huntington Beach, but which also included some local history content from time to time. After half a year of blogging, it became clear that my history-related posts were garnering the most interest and were more enjoyable to write. Also, my posts about current events were generating more arguments and fewer constructive discussions than I'd hoped for. Anyway, I've saved some of the older history-related posts from H.B. Outlook and included them here.

In most O.C. History Roundup posts, I will try to include an image or two. Today's is the cover of a Nov. 1905 supplement to the Santa Ana Blade (newspaper), depicting the Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana.

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