Monday, April 02, 2007

Laguna Beach, Fountain Valley, Placentia, etc.

I enjoy reading old first-hand accounts of visits to O.C. Today's image a postcard of Coward's Cove in Laguna Beach, dated July 17, 1909. (You know you can click on any image to enlarge it, right?) It was sent from Laguna Beach to Harry Magill of Pasadena. It reads, "Dear Harry: We are having a fine time here. We go in bathing most every day. Daddy went into El Toro to get some apricots. Jack and Dr. Deason went with him. Write soon. With love from Margherita."

People forget (or never knew) that apricots were once an important crop in O.C. For that matter, I suppose people now forget (or never knew) about El Toro.

The Register just ran an article about Dann Gibb, whose Fountain Valley historical photo book should be out in May. I had a lot of fun helping Dann out on his visits to the Archives. He's a nice guy and he's really breaking some new ground.

They also ran Online Archive of California. Quite a few of the photos were taken by late Placentia historian and librarian Virginia Carpenter.

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