Monday, April 09, 2007

Tikis, cowboys, Capistrano, archives & museums

It sounds like Sam's Seafood in Sunset Beach may survive after all. The owner is refurbishing everything and will open the place as a slightly more upscale restaurant, but fully intact. That's exactly what the place needed! I'm so glad that one of the last great tiki/"Polyneisan-Pop" environments will have a second chance at life. Hopefully we can soon take this O.C. landmark off the deathwatch.

Correction/Clarification: In my last post, I discussed the confusion between the terms "archive" and "museum." It turns out that the blame for this confusion (in this particular case) lies not with schools, nor with general public, nor with "Orange County's watchful newspaper." It turns out that the National Archives themselves are blurring the line between these two concepts in hopes of making themselves more hip and popular. It's that important agencies like the NASA and the National Archives have to alter their missions in order to defend against budget cuts.

Speaking of the Register, they recently ran an article about one of O.C.'s last cowboys.

The Troubleman Cottage in San Juan Capistrano is to be moved again -- This time, from the future Los Rios Park site on Paseo Adelanto to a location in the historic Los Rios District. Originally, the cottage was located at the current site of the Camino Capistrano power station.

The O.C. Natural History Museum in Laguna Niguel has been closed since February because of a policy dispute. Click here for all the gory details.

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Joe Shaw said...

Good news about Sam's. If they closed, I wanted to buy the sign.