Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dana Point, Fountain Valley, and Zlacket's Market

Today's photo of Dana Point, circa 1960, comes from the Orange County Archives. This shot is taken from the headlands, looking down toward "Baby Beach." In modern terms, the Pilgrim would be moored in the lower right corner of the photo. Notice that the old pier is still in place and that heavy equipment is just beginning the work of turning a cove into a proper harbor. At the base of the bluffs, you can also see the red-roofed (ca 1928) picnic structure -- part of which still stands today.
If you'd like to know more about Dana Point, look for Doris Walker's latest book, Images of America: Dana Point, which just came out in the past week or so. To learn more about the book and Doris, see the latest update on the Dana Point Historical Society's website.
The Fountain Valley Historical Society will host a Western Cookout lunch and meeting on Sept 23 at Heritage Park, 17641 Los Alamos St., in Fountain Valley. For more information and reservations, call Maureen at (714) 914-1247.
There's a nice article in today's Register about the 80th anniversary of Zlacket's Market in Downtown Garden Grove. I know folks who swear by their prime rib and other meats. Although it's definitely out of my way, I stop in a couple times a year to stock up on anachronistic soft drinks, Danish preserves, and Reed's root beer candy. You know,... Health food!

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martymankins said...

I used to stop by Zlacket's on the way home from school as a kid growing up in Garden Grove (mid 1970's). They had the best soda, candy and every one was friendly. So glad they are still around.