Thursday, September 27, 2007

Googie, Bob's, Aliso Viejo, El Toro & preservation

I'll be giving another talk about Googie architecture at the Oct. 17th meeting of the Old Courthouse Museum Society. The meeting will be held on the third floor of the Old O.C. Courthouse in Downtown Santa Ana at lunchtime. I'll probably post something more about this later.

The photo above shows one of my favorite Googie buildings in O.C.: The old Bob's Big Boy at Harbor and Chapman in Garden Grove. Designed by Armet & Davis, the exterior is still largely entact -- Including that wonderful integrated sign!

Aliso Viejo will hold their second annual Founder's Day Fair on Saturday.

The Saddleback Area Historical Society will hold its Autumn Harvest Festival on Oct. 20, 4-9pm, at Heritage Hill Historical Park in El Toro.

My latest rant about preservation and planning is posted in the form of a response to Joe Shaw's latest blog entry.

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Kirk said...

I worked on the crew doing the Bob's to Coco's conversions.