Thursday, September 13, 2007

Historical parks, Davy Crockett, & Kwikset Locks

Disneyland’s Fort Wilderness was recently torn down and is now being (sort of) rebuilt. I understand that the new fort isn’t very interesting and will mainly be a way to camouflage a couple bathrooms. Today’s image shows Fort Wilderness in happier times, with lifesized figures of Fess Parker as Davy Crockett and (Orange County resident) Buddy Ebsen as George Russel, reporting to Colonel Andrew Jackson.

This month's talk at the Saddleback Area Historical Society will be given by Joanette Willert, the Ranger in charge at Heritage Hill Historical Park in El Toro. (Whaddaya mean, "Lake Forest?" That's in Illinois!) She'll provide an update on both the Heritage Hill park and recent progress on the creation of the new historical park at the old Irvine Ranch Headquarters. The meeting will be held Sun., Sept 23, 2pm at Heritage Hill Historical Park, 25151 Serrano Rd., El Toro.

And speaking of El Toro, the Pioneer Roundup at Heritage Hill will be held Oct. 28, 2pm. This year's focus will be on "lady pioneers."

Former employees of Kwikset Lock Co. will hold a reunion at Pearson Park, 400 N. Lemon St, Anaheim this Saturday, from noon to 5pm. Kwikset was founded in 1946 by Orange County’s first modern industrialist, Adolf Schoepe (1904-2001), who also founded Fluidmaster, Inc. For more information about the reunion, call Linda at (714) 521-9920.

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