Sunday, May 18, 2008

A little more Disneyland history

Today's image shows Walt Disney around 1953, pacing off one of the orange groves that would soon become part of Disneyland. This photo is a still from the 50th anniversary film that is still showing in Disneyland's Main Street Opera House.
Yesterland recently expanded their coverage on Disneyland's Rocket to the Moon and Mad Tea Party (a.k.a. "the Teacups"), and the Disneyland Railroad's Fantasyland Station. Werner has also added a new section on Seasons of the Vine - an attraction at Disney's California Adventure that recently became history.
Ever notice the gazebo toward the back of Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach? Well, there's a little story that goes with it, and Daveland is sharing that story with us.
(Sorry for the double-dose of Disneyland. I post what comes my way -- And this week, a bunch of Disneyland stuff came my way.)


Magical Hotel said...

Thanks Chris. I just love these posts. Helping to relive some wonderful memories and I appreciate your efforts.

Anonymous said...

And some of us are very grateful to the Disney stuff that came your way this week! If Roger's Gardens ever needs to relocate the gazebo, I will absolutely, positively find it a home back in Anaheim!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Walt Disney is talking in this photo, and I can just about tell what he's saying. Disney is pointing to the orange tree and says to his friend taking the picture, "You know, with labor costs and everything, I can't even make fifty dollars off these damn oranges, but I'll bet if I turn this field into an amusement park, and call it Disneyland, I can eventually bag fifty bucks from each ticket I sell."

Chris Jepsen said...

Actually he's pacing off where he want's something to go. I'm not sure what part of the property he's on, so I don't know more than that.

I'll also point out that the trees in this scene have colored ribbons tied to them, indicating which trees should stay and which should be torn out. A error was later made and almost ALL of the trees were removed.