Thursday, May 01, 2008

Railroads, Bob Battin, "Fire In The Morning," etc.

The 10th annual Fullerton Railroad Days will be held this weekend at the Fullerton Train Station. If you have any interest in historic, modern, or even model trains, this free event is for you. Highlights include a chance to admire Disneyland's "Fred Gurley" steam engine at close range. Today's photo (above) depicts a railroad crew on a temporary spur at Huntington Beach, circa 1903-1910.

Former Orange County Supervisor Robert W. Battin died Tuesday at age 78. He served on the Board from January 1969 to July 1976. Among other things, he was instrumental in the creation of the Orange County Historical Commission.

The Anaheim Neighborhood Association (ANA) will hold a fundraising progressive dinner (at three of the Anaheim's best historic homes) on June 14, 6-10pm. The cost is $150 per person or $225 per couple, but the money goes to a good cause. The ANA is largely responsible for saving the Anaheim Colony Historic District from death by redevelopment. For details, click on the small image of the event flyer. (Yes, I know "neighborhood associations" usually goose-step for fun, and yes, I know that "progressive" is usually code for "far-left wingnut" - But neither is the case here. Trust me on this one.)

The pictorial exhibit, “Fire in the Morning,” will be on display throughout May at the UC Irvine Student Center (W. Peltason Dr at Pereira Dr). The exhibit features 100 photos depicting Mexican Americans of Orange County, from about 1915 through WWII. (Thanks to the exhibit’s creator, Yolanda Alvarez, for the info.)


outsidetheberm said...

I'm sure there'll be a few of us documenting the Gurley's arrival in Fullerton Friday morning!

Gustavo Arellano said...

"Progressive" is "far-left wingnut"? In whose book?

Anonymous said...

""Progressive" is "far-left wingnut"? In whose book?"

In just about everyone's book. Now why don't you go camp out some more in front of Bob Dornan's house. I know you and Scott Moxley deep down really like him, even though you both helped steal his congressional seat away from him in 1996. If you can't remember how to get there, just go north on Brookhurst and turn right on Lampson, and then...ah never mind!

Chris Jepsen said...

In the days of Hiram Johnson, "progressive" had a different and distinct meaning. But today, it's just a word that (generally very) liberal people use when they're afraid to use "the L word."

Of course, the other side of the aisle uses weasel-word self-descriptors too.

I can almost hear Linda Richaman now: "I'll give you a topic. Neo-Conservatives are neither neo nor conservative. Discuss."

But enough politics. This is a *history* blog.

Anonymous said...

Good points Chris, especially about "Neo-Conservatives."

It can be argued though that politics could be incorporated into Orange County history, since they are both inter-connected.

I've lived far away from Orange County since the late 1980s, but have always kept close tabs on the political scene and other goings on there. My attention paid to Orange County is mainly due to me being forced to leave the area at such a young age and, because of a number of reasons and circumstances, have not been able to go back.

Now let's see some old campaign signs and buttons, OK?

Kelson said...

Well, after conservatives started tossing "liberal" around as a swear word, it's understandable that people elsewhere on the spectrum might be reluctant to use it.