Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ranchos of Orange County, Modjeska field trip, etc

The map above was taken from The Old Spanish and Mexican Ranchos of Orange County (1955), a booklet produced by the Title Insurance & Trust Co. of Los Angeles. (The map does not appear in all editions.) I trimmed off some of the decorative details and the areas outside O.C., to reduce the file size (allowing it to be hosted on Flickr and still be legible.)
The Anaheim Historical Society will present a guided tour of Helena Modjeska’s home, "Arden" on May 31. The home of the famous Polish actress was designed by architect Stanford White and is now part of a County historic park. The tour will begin in the morning with a bus trip beginning in Downtown Anaheim. It’s $25 for transportation and $5 for a box lunch (unless you want to bring your own). For further details or to sign up, contact Helen at (714) 774-2077.
I was a little surprised at the lack of response to the Knott's Berry Farm videos I posted on Friday. Clearly, I'm unable to guess what people will find interesting. Sometimes I'll run out of time and post an image I think is sub-par, only to find a string of 10 comments following up on it. The only predictable thing about my readers is that you're unpredictable. It's a good thing I like surprises!


EDGE4194 said...

Chris- looks like the link requires you to sign in to view ... :(

Chris Jepsen said...

Try it again. It's just a link to a page on Flickr. I also changed the link to the photo's main page (not the enlarged version, as before), so that may help. Let me know if it still gives you problems.

outsidetheberm said...

'A Family Builds a Mountain' is one of the best Knott's films out there.
We had just viewed it about a month ago, however. Guess it was just your timing on this one -Still glad you shared it!