Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Irvine Park / Orange County Park

I'm a little pressed for time today, but here are a few images of Irvine Park as you would have seen it circa the 1930s. Irvine Park was originally called Orange County Park. It was our first (and for many decades, our only) County park. The auditorium in the last photo was a popular place to hold dances.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures of Irvine Park. I went to school in Olive Calif. and each year as school was about over the whole school loaded up and went to the park.

Joanne Kennedy said...

I love your blog! I live in OC and have for over 40 years.

I love reading about the fun places around. I've even gone to visit a few based on your posts! So thank you.

I love Irvine Park. I always forget to go there though. But on the times I do I have the best times. It's so pretty and relaxing yet has so much to do.

Thanks again for your great blog.

Daniel said...

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