Sunday, August 10, 2008

Modjeska at the Old Orange County Courthouse

Today I'm posting a couple photos from Thursday's opening of the new "Madame Helena Modjeska: All The World's A Stage" exhibit at the Old Orange County Courthouse Museum. The first is an 1879 painting (probably) of Modjeska by Phoebe A. Jenks (1847-1907). The second image shows a stack of Modjeska candies - an old-fashioned confection (named for the famous actress) which was ordered especially for this event. If you click on the candy image, you'll be able to read the cards, which provide a history of the candies as well as a recipe for making your own.

Over 150 people attended the show's opening. I was especially glad to see some friends from the historical community who I haven't seen in a while, including J. J. and Harriet Friis, Opal Kissinger, and the whole Coté family (minus their son, who just graduated from the Air Force Academy). I also noted many previously unfamiliar faces in the crowd, including more than a few with Polish accents.

The exhibit itself features some great artifacts and costumes that once belonged to the actress, as well as materials relating to her home and career. A large scale model of her canyon home will be added to the exhibit in about a month.


colony rabble said...

Oooh, is that chocolate?!

Chris Jepsen said...

Nope. It's carmel-coated marshmallow.

Joanne Kennedy said...

I printed out the recipe for these candies and will be giving them a try.

Looks like a fun day.