Friday, August 22, 2008

Santa Ana, COPH & more Disneyland Hotel info

"CoxPilot" read my Mystery Photo post last Sunday and responded with the photo that heads today's entry. This is another image of the same auto dealership I posted on Sunday. It was even taken at the same time: Just after the 1933 earthquake. It turns out the place was Santa Ana's local Dodge dealer, L.D. Coffing Co., at 311 E. 5th St. Oddly, the Santa Ana Public Library (who owns the photo CoxPilot found) identifies it as "Haley's Dodge Garage." Today, the building is gone, replaced by the entrance to the parking garage at the Ronald Reagan Federal Building and Courthouse. (See today's second photo, above - which was taken yesterday at the same spot, from roughly the same angle.)
Details are shaping up for the aforementioned Disneyland Hotel historical tour with Don Ballard. The free tour will begin Friday, Aug. 29, 6pm, under the giant Sorcerer's Hat (near Downtown Disney) at the Hotel. Click on over to the Anaheim Life blog to find out how to RSVP.
The Center for Oral and Public History (COPH) at Cal State Fullerton will celebrate its 40th anniversary next month, and in honor of this milestone, they’re inviting the public – FOR FREE – to the inaugural Hansen Lecture Series. (Yes, it's named for Art Hansen, COPH's recently retired director.) The lectures will be held Sat., Sept. 6, 1pm-4:30pm at the Titan Student Union at CSUF. See COPH's website for details and a list of their expert panelists from all over the nation.


colony rabble said...

Thanks for the Coffing photo! I am working on Coffing's house right now for a client, it made it through the quake FAR better than his business did!

CoxPilot said...

Thanks for all the updates. I kinda remember the area from growing up.

Does anyone remember the head mechanic at United Auto Garage (1st and Main) who always wore the white cap and suspenders. He was a real whiz with my car, since it was an older DeSoto. The building is now the Original Mikes. That place was an auto repair shop for as long as I can remember.