Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another mystery, SAAAB & Orange State College

Yesterday's mystery photo was solved so quickly, I thought I do another mystery post before returning to our regularly scheduled program. The images above also come from the County Planning Dept collection at the Orange County Archives, and both were taken in 1964. Anyone know where? It's even possible that County planners took these photos outside O.C. just to show examples of waterfront development. I'm not even sure if these are different views of the same lake. As always, any light you can shed is appreciated. (As you can see, the second image is a large panorama I cobbled together from several slides.) As always, click the images to enlarge them.
Regular reader Bulldog24 solved yesterday's photo mystery, identifying the image as the "Orange County Sheriff's Range on Katella Ave east of the Santa Ana River." He also sent me the following items of interest via email,...

"The Range office was a building from the Santa Ana Army Air Base as I recall, located behind where the person taking the photograph was standing. The Range had a nice Commons area with an huge red brick BBQ. ...I think the old range office building ...may be the last remnant of the original range facility standing.

"Speaking of old buildings from the Santa Ana Army Air Base. I was told years ago that the Cal State Fullerton Police building off of State College Blvd was also one of buildings taken from the old base. The buildings housing the CSUF Police Station, child care, and physical plant buildings were all taken from the base. They are on Gymnasium Drive at State College. The new CSUF Police Facility is being built just south of the old station. These are one story long wood frame buildings. I am told these buildings are the LAST of the Original "Orange State College" buildings (classrooms) from when the school began. Don't know if they will save any of these when the PD moves into their new home."

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Anonymous said...

I would guess that the second picture might be on Newport Bay.