Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fountain Valley, Anaheim, Jackie Dooley, etc.

Today's photo is an undated aerial view of the old Lucero ranch at Newhope and Warner in Fountain Valley. I'd guess it's from the late 1940s, but that's only a guess. I believe the house still stands. The photo came to me from Dann Gibb.
The Anaheim Historical Society will host the 2008 Anaheim Historic Home Tour on Oct. 11 & 12, 10am-4pm. This is always a popular event with some great houses. They are also looking for volunteers - Anyone who works a half-day's shift gets a FREE ticket to the event. To volunteer, contact Annie Kupfrian.
The Santa Ana Canyon Historical Council will hold its 17th annual Pioneer Family Picnic, 11am-4pm, Oct. 11, at Yorba Regional Park. Please RSVP to 714-499-7975 or 714-579-7945.
Jackie Dooley, the Head of UCI's Special Collections and Archives, will leave her post as of Nov 1. She'll be working for Research Libraries Group Programs,which is part of Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) Programs and Research. She'll be making recommendations to OCLC about products and services for the archival community. And yes, she'll still be based in Orange County.
Daveland had a great post yesterday about Progress City, which was part of the late Carousel of Progress attraction at Disneyland.

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colony rabble said...

Hey, thanks for the Anaheim plug! We also need cars for the Classic Car Show, and we are offering a free ticket to the tour for each car shared, for each day! Contact me at 714-292-0042 if you want to show off your classic car.
Cynthia Ward, AHS President

Hey Chris, see you Sunday at Linbrook?