Sunday, May 03, 2009

Adolph Schoepe and Kiwkset Locks

Today's photo was taken in 1950 by Bob Geivet for the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce. The attached note reads, "Mr. & Mrs. Adolph Schoepe standing at the biggest lock in the world as displayed at the Fair in La Palma Park [in Anaheim. The] Fair closes with a gigantic 8 division pageant parade featuring the huge Mardi-Gras baloons on Tuesday, October 31st at 7:00 P.M."
Adolf Schoepe (1904-2001) was arguably Orange County's first industrialist. He was the founder of both Kwikset Locks in Anaheim, and Fluidmaster, Inc. in San Juan Capistrano. As Phil Brigandi likes to point out, "Nearly every American has at least one of his products in their home."
Schoepe's papers are held by the Orange County Archives. The Schoepe Collection consists "primarily of his personal papers from his many civic and political activities from 1947-1972." The Archives' website includes a summary of organizations and politicians represented in the collection.
Sorry I haven't posted much lately. I've been busy and tired. The past few days have also been a bit slow in terms of O.C. historical news. If you have news to share, please send it my way.

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Anonymous said...

Hello I found a kwikset key from Anaheim, Calif. marked Locksets & Boy Scouts of America "53 Jamboree.

Any idea where I may find more information on this item? Any idea on the value?