Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beary Tales, Fun Zone, Laguna Beach, etc.

Remember the Knott's Beary Tales dark ride in the Roaring '20s area of Knott's Berry Farm? Well, a few of the critters from that attraction are making a comeback. Read more about it on the Register's Around Disney blog. (The photo above shows "walk-around" versions of the bears in 1976.)
I did my longest speaking engagement (so far) today at CSUF. I spoke for two hours on the history of Orange County, from pre-historic times to the end of WWII. Given more time, I could have brought it up through the current day. It seemed to be well recieved. If you have a historical group that would like to hear part or all of that talk, let me know. I'd hate for all that prep-time to only be good for one program. I also have a popular hour-long talk on Googie architecture, and a half-hour talk about the Orange County Archives. I prefer not to just be free luncheon entertainment for general interest groups, but if you have a group with an interest in local history, let me know.
Ken at Outside The Berm has posted some swell old photos of Balboa's Fun Zone.
While looking for photos of Laguna Beach "greeter" Eiler Larsen, I stumbed across a blog called Dumb Angel, featuring lots of great old images of Laguna Beach, Balboa and the Rendezvous Ballroom. (Semi-NSFW Warning: There is at least one photo of a nude girl among those Laguna photos.)


SemiRegularReader said...

Did you record your lecture for Podcasting??? If not, please do!

Chris Jepsen said...

I did not. But that's an interesting idea. This probably wouldn't have been the ideal talk for that, as it used a lot of visual aids.

But I will consider podcasts for future programs. Do you have any thoughts on where podcasts can be posted? (Preferably for free?)