Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer in Orange

Today's photo is a 1920s summertime view of S. Glassell St. from the Plaza in Orange.
The Orange Public Library & History Center (OPL) will present two workshops this month that might interest you. To sign up for either of them, call (714) 288-2465. The programs are...
  • Researching the History of Your House: A starting point for Orange home owners to learn more about their home. Workshop held in the History Center (2nd floor), OPL, tomorrow, July 14, 6-7pm. (Sorry about the short notice, but I just heard about it today.)
  • Preserving Your Photographs: Learn how best to identify, store, and display your photographs to ensure their longevity. Workshop held in the Rotary Room, OPL, July 21, 6-7pm.
By the way, if you'd like to know more about researching your home, you can also visit me(shameless plug) at the Orange County Archives. We have historical property records for the whole county from 1889 to 1953 and will help you with the research process if you need it.

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George Taylor said...


That photo looks like it could have been taken at from the train station at Disneyland!

(Maybe you can sell it to Daveland!