Friday, September 25, 2009

Balboa, John Wayne, OC Archives & Dreger Clock

Here are two more postcard images of Balboa from the Orange County Archives' Tom Pulley Collection. The image above shows the Balboa Ferry and the Fun Zone as they appeared in 1948. The image below shows the popular Christian's Hut bar and restaurant.
In case you missed it there's a nice article in today's Register about Smithsonian Day tomorrow, and how six Orange County museums are holding open houses. The version of the article on the Register's website also includes a bunch of images from (and of) the Orange County Archives. (I'm being a shameless self-promoter today. Sorry.)
Speaking of open houses, John Wayne's old yacht, the Wild Goose, will be open for tours in Newport Harbor this weekend.
After years of work by Glenn Frank, the Buena Park Historical Society and others, the Dreger Clock, (once located at Knott's Berry Farm) will be dedicated at its new home, next to the historic Whitaker/Jaynes House. The ceremony will take place Oct. 3rd. For details see Glenn's website.


outsidetheberm said...

Love that Christian's Hut image!

Looking forward to the return of the Dreger Clock... said...

For those interested... today The Dreger Clock was moved to its new home, craned up to its perch, power connected, faces installed. It is DONE! ready for the event next weekend!

Link to Slideshow of install process said...

Ooh... Register just posted an article about the clock.
Link to article

Sorry if I am hijacking your blog Chris!

outsidetheberm said...

Huge congratulations to Glenn Frank, Matt Fitch and all involved in bringing the clock back from the brink. What a great ending to this story.

Looking forward to seeing her running again!

CoxPilot said...

As a young kid staying with my Aunt during the summer in Balboa (she lived in the Twin Palms Apartments just a block away from the Pavilion), I had swimming lessons just in front of the Christian's Hut. It will always be part of my childhood.

Vicki said...

I too remember the good old days in Balboa. Too bad our folks didn't snap up the property/lots for sale when they were literally "dirt cheap!"
Doll, you're bringing me back!