Monday, November 23, 2009

In Walter Knott's Footsteps: Norco

On Saturday, Phil, Katie and I headed east, out of Orange County (*gasp!*) to do a sort of "Walking in Walter Knott's Footsteps" tour. Our first stop was Norco, where we found the site where the Knotts started a second berry stand and nursery. It never took off like the original Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park. The photo above shows the Norco stand and nursery in about 1930, at the corner of Hamner Ave. and 3rd Street. (They also grew berries not far away.) The photo below shows what the same spot looked like as of Saturday.
Our next stop was in Newberry Springs, on the Mojave Desert, where Walter and Cordelia Knott homesteaded some land and went broke. Then we spent the rest of the day at the old mining town of Calico, which the Knotts purchased, rebuilt, and turned into a tourist attraction in the 1950s. In the coming days, I'll share photos of the homestead and Calico, along with additional information to shed more light on the Knott's story.


Doug said...

Sounds like a wonderful Knott's history road trip. Great way to spend a Saturday. Very much looking forward to your photos.

Let's Talk Knott's said...

Great post Chris! I never knew about the Knott's stand in Norco. I drive by that very corner frequently. Look forward to more from your trip. I find Calico to be a more wholesome Knott's experience than what's left of the farm in Buena Park.

Chris Jepsen said...

LTK: Speaking of which,... Did you know they have Knott's Boysenberry Punch for sale in Lil's Saloon and funnel cakes at a vending cart in Calico. Sasparilla everywhere too. Lots of nice nods to KBF.