Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dana Point history

The photo above shows developer Sidney Woodruff making a pitch to real estate agents in the late 1920s. As you see on the side of his car, Woodruff was behind the development of both Dana Point and Hollywoodland. (The "land" part eventually fell off his promotional sign and became a permanent icon.) Only 35 homes were built in Dana Point before the Depression hit and scuttled the project. The image below shows the area that would eventually become Dana Point Harbor.
The public is invited to hear author/historian Doris I. Walker speak about “The Romantic History of Dana Point” on Aug. 23, 7 pm, at the Dana Point Library, at PCH and Niguel Rd. Her presentation is sponsored by the Dana Point Friends of the Library. Doris organized two current exhibits in the library about namesake Richard Henry Dana and his books. These displays are sponsored by the Dana Point Historical Society, of which Walker was co-founder in 1987 (two years before the city.)
Nobody knows Dana Point history like Doris, so I definitely recommend attending this free event if you have an interest in the subject. She will also be selling and signing books that evening.
This year marks the 175th anniversary of Dana’s two short visits here. This anniversary will also be celebrated at this year's Tall Ships Festival, Sept. 10-12 in Dana Point Harbor.


doug macintosh said...

What became of the Fountain Valley post?

Chris Jepsen said...

Which Fountain Valley post?

Doug McIntosh said...

The post from last week, with the picture of the church.
It is not visible any more.

CoxPilot said...

I went back into the history of my Mac, and found one of the two photos Doug and I are talking about. It's tagged "Last Callens bean threshing, Fountain Valley 1985 FVHS.jpeg". It's a color shot of a bean harvester on a small plot of land in a residential area. A woman is standing next to the field taking a picture.

And don't tell me "what posts?" Jedi. These ARE the droids we want.

ps: I can even email you the copy if you like. The photo of the school was not on my system because I didn't open it.

Chris Jepsen said...

I'm not being evasive. Just forgetful. Thanks for the reminder.

I went back into Blogger and discovered that the post had somehow moved into "Edit" mode. I swear I didn't do this myself, which is a little confusing.

doug MacIntosh said...

Thank you CoxPilot.
Yes these are the droids we are looking for....
Any hope of a GG Japanese Lang. school post.....?
I know this is your blog. Sorry.

Michelle Kessler said...
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Michelle Kessler said...

Would you mind sharing where you found that fantastic "Hollywoodland/Dana Point" picture that runs with this post? It's fantastic.