Saturday, January 15, 2011

Anaheim, art, windows, Dana Point, Scouting, etc.

Today's photo comes from the Anaheim Heritage Center and shows Downtown Anaheim, looking east on W. Center St., across Lemon, on April 2, 1946. Note the S.Q.R. department store at right.
I'm in an Anaheim frame of mind because I'm driving up there tomorrow, and because the Anaheim Historical Society (AHS) just announced several upcoming programs:
First, the AHS will take a guided tour of The Irvine Museum’s collection of plein air paintings (circa 1890-1930) on Sat., Jan. 22, 9:30am - 2:00pm. They'll be carpooling from the Von’s parking lot at 130 W. Lincoln. (Yes, that's the historic parking lot that used to be the center of Downtown Anaheim, seen above.) The tour itself begins at 11am. The cost is $5 per person and anyone volunteering to drive is free! Please RSVP via email. The group may stop for lunch after the tour, so bring lunch money.
Then, on Sat., Jan. 29, 1-3pm, learn to make your double-hung windows work like new. Dedicated DIYer Bob Morris will show historical home owners techniques that will save them a lot of money and headaches. This workshop will be held at the Molt Morris House, 1100 W. Center St. (at West St.), in Anaheim. No RSVP is required. Just show up and be prepared to learn!
The Anaheim Historical Society's Bi-Annual Home Tour will take place May 14-15, 2011. Keep an eye on their website for details as they become available. (Volunteers for this event are still needed.)
At the other end of the county, the Dana Point Historical Society will hold a potluck dinner meeting, Jan. 26th, 6pm, at the Community House, 24642 San Juan Ave. Historian Phil Brigandi will speak about the the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts -- both in America as a whole and specifically in Orange County. The history of scouting in Orange County is also the subject of his latest book, On My Honor. If you'd like to participate in the potluck, bring a dish to serve 8, and bring a plate and utensils for yourself.


CoxPilot said...

My Grandmother worked at the SQR during that time.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the "TOP HAT" bar was on the same side of the street across Lemon - right next to the hotel. I worked as a waitress in a little coffeee shop right around the corner on Lemon back in 1964. I became friends with Toby who owned the Top Hat.

Anyone remember that place?

Chris Jepsen said...

I've seen postcards from the Top Hat, but that's about it. Anyone else...?

Rose Ogden said...

I remember walking to the SQR store with my mom when I was a little girl. They had an elevator and a vaulted ceiling with cages of canaries hanging in the center. The men's department was on the first floor towards the front and the fabrics and patterns were on the upper level. Mom used to sew most of our clothes and she would spend what felt like hours looking through the pattern books for just the right style.