Saturday, January 01, 2011

Ringing in 2011

Here's a recent photo I took of the Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano with one of the El Camino Real bells in the foreground. The plaque at the base of the bell doesn't indicate the year it was placed, but it does show that it was "donated by the CFWC [California Federation of Women's Clubs], California Juniors, Orange District," apparently in conjunction with the Automobile Club of Southern California.
Just before midnight, our Orange County History group on Flickr acquired its 200th member! If you ever photograph historic spots around Orange County, or if you have old photos or postcards of O.C. you could scan, or if you just want to look at other people's cool historically-related photos, come on over and click "Join This Group." (For the record, our 200th member was "Pixel Packing Mama" of Corvallis, Oregon, who also added the 3,273rd photo to the group.)
Speaking of local history online, my thanks to all of you who have read this blog throughout the year. And extra special thanks to those who comment or send me the occasional email. The busy stat counter should be enough to encourage me to keep blogging, but it's the personal interaction that really makes it worthwhile.
So thanks again. And may your 2011 be better than your 2010.


Capt. Tomorrow said...

Happy New Year Mr. J. As always, the invitation to come visit the desert is always open. We still have plenty of mid-century architecture here (except for Chris-Town).

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Happy New Year to you and your family Chris. All the best, Richard.

LizECinSanTaAna said...

Happy New Year! Your blog has been a welcome read for my first year in the OC after being on the east coast for most of my adult life. Your historic info has been a treat to visit and explore Orange County that many just drive by and forget! Keep it up!

Connie Moreno said...

Hey Chris, Happy New Year and thanks for doing this blog! Ever since I stumbled upon it, it has become a part of my routine and I check for updates constantly! Keep up the good work.

Chris Jepsen said...

Thank you all! And happy new year.

@Capt.T: I may just take you up on that offer one of these days. I hope your 2011 makes up for 2010.

@Richard: Thanks for your blog. I never know what I'll find there, but I'm always glad I checked in.

@LizEC: Glad you're enjoying it. Let me know if (as you explore O.C. more yourself) you stumble across any specific questions about our past that you'd like me to answer.

@Connie: Thanks to you as well, my most faithful of commentors. I know this year is off to a rough start for you, but I fully expect that good things will come your way.

colony rabble said...

Happy New Year my friend. Your blog is one of my favorites, and while i might not comment often, I do read it, and recommend it to others equally afflicted with the history-nerd gene. Thanks so much for putting the time and energy into the blog, I learn something new every time I am here!