Monday, March 21, 2011

Anaheim tour, San Juan School, El Toro tea, etc.

Today's image shows Center St. (now Lincoln Ave.) in Downtown Anaheim in about 1873. Note the hitching posts and unpaved streets. This was the same year the Anaheim Public Library formally opened.
The Anaheim Historical Society's Historic Home Tour will be held May 14-15, from 10am to 4pm. (I'm mentioning this early because it usually sells out fast.) The tour will include five beautiful historic homes and two commercial buildings: The Five Points Building (now home to Ruby's) and the Packard Dealership (now The Anaheim Brewery). Tickets are $25 on the day of the event, but only $20 if you buy them before May 1st. Tickets may be purchased through the Anaheim Historical Society, and also at the next meeting (April 14th) of the Orange County Historical Society.
San Juan Elementary School, at 31642 El Camino Real, in San Juan Capistrano will celebrate their 160th anniversary on March 25th, from 1pm. to 4pm. The old school bell will be rededicated at 2:45pm.
Steve Prothero will speak about the pioneer Prothero family of El Toro at the Saddleback Area Historical Society and Amigos de la Colinas Annual Afternoon Tea on April 10th, at 2pm. The tea will be held at Heritage Hill Historical Park, 25151 Serrano Rd., in Lake Forest (which is still known as El Toro to those who didn't just fall of the turnip truck.) By the way, they'd like folks to RSVP -- But I'm not sure to what phone number. If you're interested, perhaps the folks at Heritage Hill can help?
I've been meaning to link to the Random Exhibition Title Generator (a.k.a. The Lazy Curator) for the amusement of you museum folk out there. Somehow I haven't gotten around to it until now. Just keep clicking the "refresh" button on your browser to generate a variety of academic-ish and politically-correct-sounding titles for imaginary exhibits. You will either laugh or cry. Maybe a little of each.


Connie Moreno said...

Great post today!

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What an awesome blog! Do you have a facebook or twitter feed I can follow? Thanks!

Chris Jepsen said...

I'm afraid fans of this blog would be pretty underwhelmed by my FB page. I seldom post anything, and when I do it rarely has anything to do with historical stuff. On the other hand, you might have fun with this group I created on FB:

And no, I don't twitter. I may gibber or ramble or even yammer occasionally,... but I never twitter.

To give you an idea of my level of techi-ness, let me point out the following: I hardly ever have my cell phone turned on and I rarely use it. I've only given the number to a small handful of people. I've "texted" about 8 times now, and don't find it worth the bother. I like my books printed on dead tree. I find the switch from CDs to MP3s fairly irritating. And I still rely on my handy Thomas Guide rather than a talking GPS gizmo.

That said, I do love all that can be done with computers and the Internet -- as long is WE use the technology, rather than IT using US.

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Excellent Historical Blog...keep up the good work!