Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh Dino boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling...

Big, green, pointless, and goofy. That's how we do St. Patrick's Day 'round these parts.
That's a 2007 photo of Dinosaur Jack's Sunglasses Shack you're looking at -- One of many features of Disney's California Adventure that's already bit the dust. Not exactly history yet, but people will drool over images like this on Gorillas Don't Blog in about 40 years.
I always thought it was kind of funny that this Disney building was a tribute to the Cabazon dinosaurs of sculptor Claude Bell -- who was so firmly associated with Knott's Berry Farm.


Capt. Tomorrow said...

I always thought the dino shack was more a tribute to Gertie the Dinosaur and Windsor McKay. But hey, what do I know; I live in AZ. The comment about Gorillas is right on target. People will be eating up picutures like this and of the Caterpillar tractors that use to be there.

Chris Jepsen said...

Yep. Back in 2007, Werner (from Yesterland) and I spent a whole day walking around DCA doing nothing but photographing stuff we figured would disappear soon.