Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bozo's Birthday at Knott's Berry Farm

No, there's no excuse for this post, except that I'm tired. And at some point I was bound to post this stupid image I saved from an eBay auction. Warning: Creepy clown in Buena Park!

I believe this is Vance Colvig, Jr. appearing as KTLA's version of Bozo the Clown. He was the son of the original Bozo, Pinto Colvig. (Insert your own joke about your least favorite politician being "the original Bozo *HERE*.)


Major Pepperidge said...

Somehow I have missed the info that Pinto Colvig was the original Bozo. Very cool! And that's a great photo too. I still remember seeing Bozo on TV when I was a kid. They'd have this impossible contest in which a kid had to flip a spoon into an empty soda bottle, meaning nobody ever took the awesome Bozo bicycle and other prizes home.

Anonymous said...

Please provide the creepy clown warning BEFORE the image.


Chris Jepsen said...

You think that was creepy? Try Bozo in color!

(And at Larwin Square in Tustin, no less!)

Ken said...

I really enjoyed your site...and it makes me want to visit...I have always felt a kind of affection for small town ways and reminds me of a simpler time...your friend, Kenneth Gregory Prud'homme, Montreal, Canada