Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Fullerton That Ate Orange County

I saw this promotional map in the background of an otherwise fairly unexciting photo and had to blow it up and check out the details. I've seen some pretty exaggerated maps in my day, but this one takes the cake. Look at the SIZE of Fullerton! It stretches from the desert to the sea (apologies to the late Jerry Dunphy) and from Newport Harbor to Long Beach Harbor! In fact, Fullerton seems to fill the entire county north and west of the Irvine Ranch,... and then some. Does anyone have an actual copy of this map they can scan, so we can see more details?


Anonymous said...

I believe what they've actually done is to project an enlarged Fullerton map "floating" above the Southern California map. Look at the shadowing on the front edge of the Fullerton map.

Jim B from Magnolia TX

Chris Jepsen said...

Yes, but the map doesn't make that terribly clear. I sort of making fun of it while at the same time wishing I could see more details.

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