Monday, April 15, 2013

Alert Ralph Story. We found another one...

I was walking around taking photos of the ruins of the Saddleback Inn and cut across the Santa Ana Elk's Lodge property to do so. In the process, I stumbled across this plaque: "Prentice Camellia, planted 1881. Orange County's oldest known camelia. Orange County Camellia Society."

There's only one problem... Note the complete lack of camellias!
On the other hand, note the old curbing, which is probably the last remnant of Judge Prentice's home. (See Diann Marsh's story about Prentice for a good yarn.) I knew roughly where the house was (across Elk Lane from the Santa Ana Zoo), but this pinpointed it. You can just picture the old man out on his porch yelling his unsolicited instructions at the workmen building the zoo.

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