Sunday, August 25, 2013

Downtown Midway City, 1932

The Midway City tract was launched in 1923, halfway between Long Beach and Santa Ana. Tim Castroreale, Broker Associate with Realty One Group, sent me the photo above, depicting the southwest corner of Beach Boulevard and Bolsa Ave. -- the heart of "downtown" Midway City -- in about 1932. It's a bit low-res, but it's still one of the best old Midway City images I've seen.

The image below (from Google Maps) shows the same corner as it appears today.


Doug said...

Midway City seams like a nearly forgotten location with Orange County. It has been swallowed up by Westminster. Even up until the mid 1980s, I recall a small cattle ranch and farm just a few blocks east of Beach Blvd. Wish that I had taken photos. Talked to the rancher and he told me stories about developers approaching him with suit cases full of cash in exchange for his property. I even remember a small prehistoric shell midden in a corner of the cow pasture.
Thanks for this photo.

retrocounty said...

Looks like the facility was knocked down and turned into a "Cash for your house" hut.

tim castroreale said...

Hi Doug, would love to see some pics of that ranch. Feel free to visit my Midway City FB group page and share your pics and memories.

tim castroreale said...

The building was actually a bit more south on Beach Blvd...Where Hollywood Suites is.