Monday, December 09, 2013

Join us for "Show & Tell"

So,... What are you bringing to Show & Tell this Thursday? Because you are invited, after all!

As you may have noticed in today's O.C. Register, the Orange County Historical Society will hold its annual Show & Tell Night this Thursday, Dec. 12, 7:30pm, at Trinity Episcopal Church, 2400 N. Canal St., in Orange. Rummage through your garage, files, scrapbooks, or trunks for a choice artifact or bit of memorabilia or ephemera that helps tell us something about Orange County of yore.

Maybe you have a local orange crate that connects to a story about a parent who worked in a packing house. Perhaps you have your name badge from when you worked at Disneyland on opening day. What about great-grandpa’s branding iron, or a piece of flatware with the name of a favorite old local restaurant on it? Or maybe you just have an outstanding photo or map of early Orange County that hasn’t seen the light of day in many years. Surprise us! (The photo above shows me with the cogstone I brought last year.)

The event is open to the public. There will be a sign-up sheet when you arrive at the meeting. People will be called up in order of their position on the list. If we run out of time, we’ll save the list for another meeting, so you’ll still get your chance to share your “piece of history” and a bit of the story behind it. (We're a pretty friendly and informal bunch, so don't be intimidated!)

Afterward, refreshments will be served and there will be an opportunity for socializing and seeing some of the night's interesting Show & Tell items up close. For more information about the event see the OCHS website. Hope to see you there!
Judy Moore brought an item from First National Bank of Santa Ana to 2011's Show & Tell.


Anonymous said...

OK, thinking about coming to the show and tell. How about some of OC's rare petrified wood?

Anonymous said...

Or maybe you would like to see alump of coal from Carbondale.

Anonymous said...

Or maybe a fire brick covered with white ceramic from an old dairy.

Anonymous said...

Or a brass carbide miner's lamp from the Blue Light Mine. I'm leading a hike to the Blue Light Mine sometime next year for the OCHS. Who am I?

Chris Jepsen said...

MB: You HAVE all that stuff?!? ANY of them would be OUTSTANDING! (Well, I guess I'm *slightly* less excited by the brick, but even that's pretty good.)

Maybe you can show me where to find Carbondale coal sometime. I assume there are still mine tailings somewhere?

Show & Tell is definitely NOT about selling, trading, or attaching values,... But personally, I would pay real money for such a miner's lamp. I know I'm a history nerd, but I find that enormously cool.

MB said...

Chris, the carbide lamp is on loan to the Maple Springs Visitor Center. The coal and petrified wood are here at my home, as is the brick (Jim Sleeper was into old bricks, by the way).
I have some interesting stuff from the Holtz Ranch but it's at my AZ home. I want to bring a particular item to one of the OCHS's meetings and see if anyone can tell me what it is (I know but I doubt if anyone can guess correctly). Has your curiosity been piqued? lol

MB said...

Just a week ago I discovered an 80 pound chunk of petrified wood just a few blocks away from the Mission Inn in Riverside. It's still there.

Craig said...

As a Native Orange County Boy (N. Tustin and Dana Point) and avid Tikiphile, all I can say is that I am sorry that I didn't know about your blog before I moved away from California.
Loving it! Nice!
Both of your blogs are really good.

Doug said...

Chris, That is quite a gem that you are holding in your hand.