Monday, July 13, 2020

Talbert Gap

My old website featured a section devoted to the history of Southeastern Huntington Beach (SEHB) -- an area that was once known as the Santa Ana Gap or Talbert Gap. This river delta between Huntington Beach mesa and the bluffs of Costa Mesa was not incorporated as part of the City until the mid-Twentieth Century.  I just posted a selection of images from that site in a new Flickr photo album:

If you have more images or historical information about the land bounded by Beach Blvd. on the west, the Santa Ana River on the east, Garfield Ave. on the north and Huntington State Beach on the South, drop me a line. I've already constructed a fairly lengthy timeline and would be happy to add more to the story.
View across Talbert Gap from Victoria Ave., Costa Mesa, 1960 (Courtesy O.C. Archives)

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Anonymous said...

Quite a surprise to see that photo. Arriving in 1963, I have memories of how it looked in the 60s...much like that although the fields were becoming filled with large tracts of homes sprinkled here and there. Really takes me back to a quieter and less populated time. KS