Monday, January 08, 2007

Orange County Board of Supervisors display

As of today, there's a new historical display in the Hall of Administration at the Orange County Civic Center. All our County Supervisors, from 1889 forward, are represented in a series of five frames -- one for each Supervisorial District.

The panels were created by the Orange County Archives, which is part of the County Clerk-Recorder's Office. Photos were culled from a variety of sources, including the O.C. Archives, First American Corp, the Anaheim and Santa Ana Public Libraries, and the Old Courthouse Museum. One of the most important sources, however, was Mr. Stan Oftelie, who constantly amazes me with his broad and deep understanding of our County government's history.

(Unfortunately, the new display is short two photos: Abel Guy Smith and David McMullan. If you know where to find photos of these blokes, please let me know.)

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