Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rea House moved out of the bulldozer's path

In the wee small hours of Wednesday morning, the historic Rea House (and a second structure on the same property) was moved from 125 W. Elm St., to 129 W. Stueckle Ave, in Anaheim.

Probably the best remembered of the Rea family are Kate and Ella. Say their names together quickly, and you'll see where the word "Katella" came from.

The photo above was shamelessly stolen from the City of Anaheim's Neighborhood Preservation Coordinator, Tom Kupfrian, who posted it to the Mother Colony Yahoo Group. The house is shown approaching Anaheim Blvd.

The next historic Anaheim house to be moved is 1207 W. Center St, which will find a new home at 1225 W. Center St. The tentative moving date is Jan. 23rd.


Anonymous said...

That's Kevin's house!

Chris Jepsen said...

You are correct!