Sunday, October 14, 2007

Halloween approaches, Anaheim, OCMAHS, etc.

The Halloween Parade has been a tradition in Anaheim since 1924, when Babe Ruth was the Grand Marshal. Today's photo comes from the Anaheim Public Library's History Room, and shows the 1928 parade as it passes the intersection of Anaheim Blvd and Lincoln Ave (then called Los Angeles Blvd and Center St, respectively.)

During the rest of this month, I'll include some weird, spooky, and Halloween-related Orange County history and historical news into the posts here at the O.C. History Roundup. IMHO, Halloween is an especially fun holiday because it requires creativity: Making costumes and masks, pretending to be someone (or something) else, building "haunted" mazes in your yard, carving faces into pumpkins, making up scary stories, etc. What's not to love?

The Orange County Mexican American Historical Society's 2008 photo calendar is now available. The calendar is $10 and includes historical photographs for 13 months. Or for only $15, you can join the OCMAHS and get the calendar, the OCMAHS newsletter, and event notices as part of your membership.
Stuff From The Park has posted a brochure from Disneyland Grad Night 1963. The line up of entertainment was quite an eclectic and a lot more interesting than what they'd provide today. Also, Gorillas Don't Blog has posted a image of the Mark Twain steamboat under construction.
And speaking of steamboats, the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum continues to auction off bits of the Reuben E. Lee.

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