Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Monsters, Santa Ana winds, Fountain Valley, etc.

Did Grace and Howard Wilson see a sea monster at Aliso Beach in 1922? You be the judge. The story is posted about 3/4ths of the way down this page. (What's Halloween without a monster tale or two?)
Local historian and County Archivist Phil Brigandi adds two important pieces to the Santa Ana wind story. For starters, he found an even earlier use of the term "Santa Ana wind" in print, in an 1871 Anaheim Gazette article. But more importantly, he was able to lock down the Santa Ana Canyon as the original source of the name. "The oldest old-timers, including people born here in the 1840s, agreed that the winds got their name because they seemed to come from the Santa Ana Canyon." So much for the devil.
The Fountain Valley Historical Society's annual Founders Day Luncheon will be held Sunday, noon, at Heritage Park next to the public library. The lunch of ham and lima beans will accompanied by a program entitled "Women of Talbert," featuring descendents of the city's pioneer women. (Note that both pork and lima beans were raised in early Fountain Valley.) The event is $7 with reservations, and $9 without. For information call (714) 914-1247.
Author and UCLA professor Barbara Abercrombie will offer instruction on how to write your own life story for posterity. Her presentation will be held Saturday, 2pm, at Laguna Beach Books, 1200 S. Coast, #105. This event is hosted by the American Association of University Women of Laguna Beach. For more information, call (949) 494-4779.

In case you missed it, Stuff From The Park has posted even more photos of Buena Park's old Japanese Village & Deer Park.


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Hi there! Thanks for the mention... it's always great to find out about more OC blogs (and that's a very juicy tidbit about the ongoing Santa Ana/Santana wind debate...) Do you mind if we link up to you?


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By all means, feel free to offer a link to O.C. History Roundup. And if you have any more events or announcements relating to local history, I'd be happy to promote them here.