Monday, December 03, 2007

Knott's Berry Farm history

In this scene from the mid-1960s, "school marm" Alda Reed decorates the old one-room schoolhouse at Knott's Berry Farm. This 1870 building was brought to Knott's in the 1950s from Beliot, Kansas.
Yes, this is another "getting ready for Christmas" photo, but it also helps me introduce Phil Brigandi's new article about the history of Knott's Berry Farm. Click on over to his SoCal Historyland site if you'd like to learn about Knott's in the days before Ghost Town (i.e. pre-1941). In addition to this extremely well-researched article, Phil has also posted a handful of related images.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know about Phil's website. Some wonderful information! I'll pass it along to my students.

Keep up the good work.

Chris Merritt said...

Phil's article is amazing - go check it out!