Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cold War Xmas, Stephanie George & Yost Theater

Here's a photo from the Orange County Building Department's Christmas party in 1957. They gussied up the office rather than having the party at a restaurant or hotel. The homemade decor is interesting, especially the timely Sputnik replica hovering above everyone. (The USSR launched the real Sputnik on Oct. 4, 1957.) And what's that strange butcher paper mural behind them? An enhanced version of the image also posted above. (Click the image to embigulate.) Your guesses are welcome.

I'm happy to report that Stephanie George is now the full-time Archivist for CSUF's Center for Oral & Public History (COPH). Way to go!

There's now some interest in renovating the old Yost Theater in Downtown Santa Ana and using it for live entertainment again. Click over to the Register's article for more information.


Tris Mast said...

The butcher paper mural shows Santa's workshop with elves making toys. The elves are green.

ItsNotAPlace said...

Ah, ok... I can see that as Santa's Workshop, in a very impressionistic way. I am glad it is Santa's workshop as apposed to what I thought it looked like... a city block in chaos, in need of repairmen!