Monday, May 05, 2008

Walker's Market, Santa Ana, Questers & lifeguards

Fred Walker, long-time owner of Walker's Market in Santa Ana, died recently at age 96. Walker's Market opened in 1951 and closed in the 1980s. You can read more about Fred Walker in the Register's extended obituary.
Today's photos show Walker's Market as it appeared around 1966. The top image shows just the market, at 1722 N. Tustin Ave. The second image (which I stitched together from two shots) shows an almost 180-degree view of the intersection of Tustin Ave. and 17th St. From left to right we can see Smitty's Pancake House, Bank of America, Kenny's 1/4 lb. Hamburgers (and tacos), a Mobile service station, Walker's Market, Triangle Shops (including a flower shop and a meat market), Security First National Bank, a lumber yard, Armstrong Nursery, another strip mall (featuring a dry cleaner's shop, "Steadman's," and Lemon Heights Realty), and a Richfield service station.
I noticed a mention in the paper of the "Questers" - a San Juan Capistrano group interested in local history and in restoring historic buildings. Does anyone know more about this group? I can't find a website for them.
This week, new author Kai Weisser will be selling and signing his history of the Huntington Beach Lifeguards at two events. On Wednesday, he'll be at the Sugar Shack in downtown Huntington Beach, 10am-Noon. On Saturday, he'll be at Barnes & Noble at Huntington Center ("Bella Terra" for those who just arrived on the turnip truck), from 1-3pm. Also, Kai is interested in doing more book signings, so let him know if you'd like to set up an event of your own.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, it's always great to see pictures of the Santa Ana of yesteryear.

walterworld said...

Interesting to be sure. I'll have to spend some time exploring Santa Ana and Orange next time I'm visiting Disneyland.

Thanks for keeping up your daily posts; I know it's not easy! Be assured that it is appreciated...

Stephanie said...

There are several chapters of Questers in Orange County. I became affiliated with one chapter, who, several years ago, acted as a support group for George Key Ranch. For a multitude of reasons, they abandoned their relationship with GKR and turned their sights on another OC historic site.

Their main interest was/is antiques, but their philanthropy translates into time and financial donations to their favorite projects.

I can introduce you to a few if you'd like.

Anonymous said...

1966 = the coolest year in pop culture history!

Anonymous said...

"1966 = the coolest year in pop culture history!"

My vote is for 1985.

Anonymous said...

yea i worked there with earl and don-good times!!

Anonymous said...

Don't remember Walkers, but I do remember getting watermelons @ Gene Tunk's in Garden Grove & the sawdust/ wood shavings on the floor.

Judy Semler said...

I worked a block away at the building by the 55 Fwy and had lunch at Walker's deli several times a week for many years. It was a major treat. They brought in egg rolls from Chinatown that were the best I've ever eaten...big and fat and full of shrimp and pork and vegetables. And, speaking of vegies, every Thursday they had a vegie casserole with broccoli and Brussel sprouts and sour cream sauce. And, teriyaki chicken breasts. I would love to have those deli recipes. And, the store had all kinds of gourmet foods. A friend used to say that everyone East of the 55 shopped at Walkers. So true. Those were the days.