Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bowling in 1962

I'm nearing the end of my collection of images from the 1962 Garden Grove High School Argonaut yearbook. The first image shows a member of the school's bowling team at an unidentified bowling alley. The second image is an ad for the Freeway Bowl in Anaheim.
Sorry for the short post today, folks.


Captain said...

10867 Santa Ana Freeway??? That's a strange address. That's also a dangerous place to put a bowling alley.

Chris Jepsen said...

Well, it's actually the same building that later became the Cowboy Boogie or Boogie nightclub. It's accessed from surface streets. Katella is the nearest major cross-street.

Anonymous said...

I went to Garden Grove High ('64) and there was no bowling team or I would have been on it. I bowled the first 300 game ever at Wonder Bowl Anaheim at age 15 in September1961--Roger Brown

Nancy M said...

I was in the club.