Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hippo boats, vanishing O.C., and a holiday Waffle

For a long time, I've hoped someone would come up with a good photo of the pedal-powered hippo boats at Lion Country Safari. Leave it to Gorillas Don't Blog to come through for us! (Yes, I've blatantly stolen this photo from one of Major Pepperidge's recent posts.) Link over to GDB to read more about this great 1971 image.
Chris Epting has a new book out entitled, Vanishing Orange County. On the back cover, the publisher describes it as an "evocative compendium of photographs revisit[ing] many of the places locals held near and dear, including the Golden Bear nightclub, Japanese Village [&] Deer Park, Lion Country Safari, plus popular stores, restaurants, and, of course, the ever-shrinking farmlands." There's also a companion post card set available.
The Santa Ana Historic Preservation Society's (SAHPS) Holiday Open House will be held Saturday, Dec. 6th, noon to 4pm. Admission to (and tours of) the Howe-Waffle House Museum will be free. Also, Phil Brigandi, Roberta Reed and Guy Ball, will be signing their books. More details will be available in a few days on the SAHPS website, or can be obtained by calling (714) 547-9645.


Major Pepperidge said...

Is it still blatantly stealing after you politely asked permission? ;-)

I'm glad you adjusted the contrast... I thought about it, but decided to leave it just the way the original photo looked. I was definitely tempted to fix it!

Chris Jepsen said...

I thought I'd at least do SOMETHING different to the image before posting it. ("Adding value" as brainless managment-types call it.) I also upped the saturation a touch, since it had faded a little.

Thanks again, Major.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a picture of the Hippo paddle boats in MacArthur Park, L.A.; no longer there.