Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A giant turkey, Disneyland, Vanishing O.C., etc.

Today's images are from 1975. The first (top) is a design for the giant turkey that appeared in America On Parade, Disneyland's Bicentennial cavalcade, which debuted that year. (Illustration courtesy Atomic Treehouse.) The second image comes from my family's collection and shows me meeting Pluto for the first time in April 1975. You can see a little of the park's entrance gate in the background.
Today's Register features an article about Chris Epting's new book, Vanishing Orange County. He will sign the book at California Greetings, 301 Main St., Huntington Beach on Dec. 7, Noon-3pm. You can also see some of the images from the book in this YouTube video. Many of the images came from the Orange County Archives.
In case you haven't seen it before, KOCE-TV's "Historical Snapshot" of the 1933 Earthquake is now posted on YouTube.


Anonymous said...

thanks, chris! come over to the signing if you can--


walterworld said...

Nice of you to share a shot from your childhood. You don't look so excited about meeting Mickey's dog :)

Chris Jepsen said...

Actually, I was *extremely* excited, but maybe a little guarded once I finally got right up to him. (That's one BIG dog, after all.)

My main problem was an inability to say "Pluto." I ran up to him yelling, "Fluto! Fluto!" (Cut me some slack: I was two years old at the time.)

Capt. Tomorrow said...

Are we suppose to believe that young boy is you? I think not! First, I don't believe you were ever that short. Second, there's no camera bag slung around the neck. And third (and most telling), no Panama hat! Sorry Mr. Jepsen, you'll have to do better in your deceit.

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,
Enjoy the new book "Vanishing Orange County" Love the photo's. I was born in Anaheim 1962. See there one mistake in the book. On page 67 the bottom image saying that is the Melodyland theatre under construction. That is completely wrong. That photo is the snack bar under construction (1970) at the old Stadium Drive In off Katella and Main St.in the City of Orange. Take a look for yourself (google image for MelodyLand) and take a look for yourself. I just wanted to point that out. Still love all these Arcadia books. Best Wishes


Chris Jepsen said...

I'll pass that along to the author, Chris Epting.


Anonymous said...

Craig--THANK YOU for that catch--so odd, that image is sourced in several places (including the Anaheim library as being Melodyland) because (I'm guessing) the shape is so similar. Any other information on the snack bar?

Thanks again for finding this--I really appreciate it.

chris epting