Friday, January 02, 2009

Laguna, Orange County Historical Society, etc.

Another New Year's advertisement, this time from the Jan. 1, 1937 issue of the South Coast News (which covered the Laguna Beach area). I assume the building shown here was one of Smith Construction's 1936 projects. It clearly faces Pacific Coast Highway, but I'm unsure of the cross street.
The next meeting of the Orange County Historical Society (OCHS) will be held Jan. 8, 7:30pm, at Trinity Episcopal Church, 2400 N. Canal St., in Orange. The scheduled speaker is Stan Oftelie, discussing the "Orange County's Rogues Gallery" - a look back at political scandals and skulduggery of yesteryear. Stan is well known in O.C., but it's not well known that he's one of our best historians. Unfortunately, there's been an emergency that may (or may not) keep Stan from attending. On the small chance he cannot be there, I'm preparing a backup program focusing on photos of Orange County from the post-WWII years. I'll post an update when I know more.
By the way, I know many of you belong to local and/or special interest historical organizations. In these tough economic times, membership in these groups is still a great value. Their (usually minimal) dues provide you with educational and interesting activities, programs and publications throughout the year, and also give you an important link to your community. In short, as Bartles & James used to say, "Thank you for your support."


CoxPilot said...

The building is still there, and the address is 1199 Pacific Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA. The cross street is Brooks Street, and the back side of the building faces the ocean. Just use google street view, and you can view it. Amaising how thing stay the same sometimes.

Warren Allen said...

The address is 1199 South Coast Hwy. The other address leads Google Maps to N. Laguna.
Here's the Google Street View:

Warren Allen said...

Does anyone know what business was here back in 1937?
The central portion of this structure (1185 South Coast Hwy) has been The Sandpiper bar (The Dirty Bird) since sometime in the 1940s (I think).